Stainless Steel and Special-C-Steel

Our material specialists advise you with their comprehensive expertise so you can find the material with the ideal combination of properties for your application. In addition to our broad material portfolio, we can also develop customized alloys together with you to yield the greatest benefits in your production and the best quality for your end product.



Depending on the chromium content, ferritic stainless steels can have excellent corrosion properties. They are used wherever good corrosion properties are required but high demands are not placed on formability. By modifying the chemical composition and the manufacturing process, single- or multi-phase structures with special magnetic or other properties can be adjusted and made to measure for the respective application.


NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripTubeData sheet
Ergste 1.4003 IA1.4003S40977, S40977Download
Ergste 1.4003 IB, ID~1.4003S41003
Ergste 1.4005 IA, IH, ID~1.4005AISI 416S41600Download
Ergste 1.4016 IH1.4016 AISI 430S43000
Ergste 1.4016 IM1.4016AISI 430S43000Download
Ergste 1.4105 IB~1.4105Download
Ergste 1.4105 IL, IT1.4105AISI 430FRDownload
Ergste 1.4105 IM, IU1.4105AISI 430FRS43020Download
Ergste 1.4105 IQ~1.4105 (+Cu)
Ergste 1.4105 IU 1.4105AISI 430FS43020Download
Ergste 1.4113 IL1.4113AISI 434S43400
Ergste 1.4113 IM, IU1.4106Download
Ergste 1.4114 IU1.4114XM-34S18200
Ergste 1.4510 IT1.4510430TiS43036
Ergste 1.4511 IA, IH 1.4511AISI 430S43000
Ergste 1.4521 IS1.4521444S44400
Ergste 1.4523 IA, IM, IH1.4523S18235Download
Ergste 9.9013 IL9.9013Download
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Martensitic stainless steels combine high hardness and wear resistance with relatively good toughness. They are resistant to corrosion under atmospheric environmental conditions. They are mainly used for blades and knives in household, medical, industrial, and consumer applications. Because of their high strength, corrosion resistance, good toughness, and very good fatigue properties, they are also used as springs, e.g., as valves in compressors.


NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripTubeData sheet
1.4122 YL1.4122Download
4C27A420F Mod.
Ergste 1.4005 IU1.4005AISI 416S41600
Ergste 1.40241.4024~ AISI 410~ S41000
Ergste 1.4028 MO1.4028420X (+Mo)S42026
Ergste 1.4028 YC, YN1.4028AISI 420, 420BS42000
Ergste 1.4031 YA~1.4031AISI 420S42000
Ergste 1.4031 YC, YE1.4031AISI 420, ~420XS42000
Ergste 1.4034 YN1.4034
Ergste 1.4034 YS, YE, YK1.4034AISI 420, 420CS42000
Ergste 1.4035 YU1.4035AISI 420C (+S)
Ergste 1.4037 YR1.4037AISI 420S420020
Ergste 1.4057 YE1.4057AISI 431S43100
Ergste 1.4057 YN1.4057~ AISI 431
Ergste 1.4104 YU1.4104~ AISI 430F~S43020
Ergste 1.41081.4108S42027
Ergste 1.4112 YA~1.4112
Ergste 1.4112 YE, YL1.4112
Ergste 1.4122 YA, YN, YL1.4122
Ergste 1.4123 YN1.4123AISI 420 ModS42000, S42025
Ergste 1.4125 YC, YE1.4125AISI 440CS44004
Ergste 1.4197 YU1.4197AISI 420F Mod
Ergste 1.4418 YB1.4418
Ergste 9.9440 YA440AS44002
Ergste 9.9440 YL~ AISI 440ADownload
Westig 1.1274 QA1.12741095G1095
Westig 1.2018 EA1.2018
Westig 1.2067 EX1.206752100T61203
Westig 1.4006 YH1.4006410S41000
Westig 1.4021 YB, YC1.4021420S42000
Westig 1.4028 YA, YB, MO1.4028420FS42020Download
Westig 1.4034 YD1.4034420S42000
Westig 1.4037 YR1.4037420
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile


Austenitic stainless steels are characterized in their annealed condition by their high formability combined with very good corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance can be further increased by adding chromium or molybdenum content. Depending on the nickel content, either higher formability or an a-magnetic material can be achieved. In the work-hardened state, they are used as springs, filters, tubes, needles, stencils, or cutting elements in various areas of life in the automotive, electrical, household, and consumer goods sectors, or in mechanical engineering and the chemical industry. We sometimes find them as implants or connecting elements in our body after surgery.


NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripTubeData sheet
11R511.4310 HS301, (302)S30151Download
11R51 HV1.4310302 Mod.Download
11R51 SH(1.4310)301, (302)(S30200)
5R101.4310304S30400, S30409Download
Ergste 1.3912 DA/DE1.391236K93600
Ergste 1.4301 FC, PA, PT, PV, PW1.4301AISI 304S30400Download
Ergste 1.4301 PA1.4301304S30400Download
Ergste 1.4301 VD1.4301, 1.4307AISI 304, AISI 304LS30400
Ergste 1.4303 SA1.4303305S30500Download
Ergste 1.4303 ST1.4303305S30500Download
Ergste 1.4305 UA, UB1.4305303S30300Download
Ergste 1.4306 LA1.4306304/304LS30400/S30403Download
Ergste 1.4306 LU1.4306AISI 304/AISI 304LS30400, S30403
Ergste 1.4310 FC, FF, FM, FS1.4310301, 302S30100, S30200
Ergste 1.4310 FD, FI1.4310AISI 301/302S30200Download
Ergste 1.4370 WA1.4370
Ergste 1.43721.4372T201S20100
Ergste 1.4374 SN1.4374~ AISI 202~S20200
Ergste 1.4401 PA1.4401AISI 316S31600
Ergste 1.4401 PC1.4401316S31600Download
Ergste 1.4401 SB1.4401AISI 316S31600
Ergste 1.4404 LA1.4404316LS31603Download
Ergste 1.4404 LB1.4404AISI 316LS31603
Ergste 1.4404 UA~1.4404 (+S); 1.4598
Ergste 1.4427 UA~1.4427
Ergste 1.4435 LA1.4435316LS31603
Ergste 1.4435 PM1.4435
Ergste 1.4439 LN1.4439317LMNS32726
Ergste 1.4441 LA1.4441316LVM, F138/F139S31673Download
Ergste 1.4441 LA, LN1.4441~ AISI 316LS31673
Ergste 1.4472 RN1.4472S31675
Ergste 1.45391.4539904LN08904
Ergste 1.4539 LN, LW1.4539N08904
Ergste 1.4541 TA, TB, TS1.4541AISI 321S32100
Ergste 1.4541 TA, TW1.4541321S32100Download
Ergste 1.45501.4550347S34700
Ergste 1.4567 LC1.4567S30433
Ergste 1.4570 UA1.4570S30331
Ergste 1.4571 LU, TA1.4571AISI 316TiS31635
Ergste 1.4571 TB, TW1.4571316TiS31635
Ergste 1.4578 SC1.4578
Ergste 1.4598 UA1.4598
Ergste 1.48331.4833309SS30908
Ergste 1.4841 ZA1.4841314S31000
Ergste 1.48451.4845AISI 310SS31008
Ergste 1.4845 ZA1.4845310SS31008Download
Ergste 1.4872 ZA1.4872
Ergste 1.48761.4876B163, Alloy 800N08800
Ergste 1.4961 PW1.4961~ AISI 347H~S34709
Ergste 1.4980 TA1.4980S66286
Ergste 9.9200 GADownload
Ergste 9.9201 FN1.4372AISI 201S20100
Ergste 9.9244 PC
Ergste 9.9253 ZA
T3021.4310302, 304S30200, S30400Download
T302 HS1.4310302, 304S30200, S30400
Zapp 25-6Mo I Zapp 26Mo1.4529A580N0892600Download
Zapp 27-7MoA580S31277Download
Zapp 3161.4401A580S31600Download
Zapp 316L-SW1.4436316S31600
Zapp 316L-SW (wirelines)316S31600Download
Zapp HyType1.4435Download
Zapp Rig 80S31675
Zapp XM199.9550A580S20910Download
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Nickel-free austenites

NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripTubeData sheet
Ergste 1.3816 CN1.3816
Ergste 9.9007 CNS29225
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile

Precipitation-hardenable steel

These special alloys that have a high formability in the non-hardened state and can achieve very high hardness and strength through precipitation hardening. They are used for complex formed components with very high demands on strength and corrosion resistance.


NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripTubeData sheet
Ergste 1.44571.4457633S35000
Ergste 1.4542 / 1.4548620S17400 (17-4 PH)
Ergste 1.4542 GE, GG1.4542AISI 630S17400
Ergste 1.4543 GG1.4543S45500
Ergste 1.4568 GA1.4568AISI 631S17700
Ergste 1.49801.4980660S66286
Ergste 9.9204 AG~1.4597S20430Download
Ergste 9.9455 GGS45500
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile

Duplex stainless steel

NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripTubeData sheet
Ergste 1.43621.4362S32304
Ergste 1.4462 XA1.4462S31803
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile

High-quality carbon steel

Tailor-made products for special applications with a special chemical composition, these usually have a martensitic microstructure.

They are characterized by the following properties:

  • high hardness
  • wear resistance
  • excellent toughness
NameEN DINAISIUNSWire Bar ProfileStripData sheet
20AP medical wire
Ergste 1.06111.0611G10640
Ergste 1.06131.0613G10690
Ergste 1.0617 QC1.0617G10740
Ergste 1.07151.0715~ G12130
Ergste 1.22431.2243~G92590, ~H92590
Westig 1.0759 EA~1.0759~ G10650 +S +Pb +SiDownload
Westig 1.1268 EA~1.1268
Westig 1.1274 QA1.12741095G1095
Westig 1.2018 EA1.2018
Westig 1.2067 EX1.206752100T61203
Westig 1.2833 EB1.2833~ AISI W2~T72302Download
Zapp CS9A-SW
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG.
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