Semi-finished products for the automotive industry

The automotive industry thrives on speed. To keep up with this pace, we offer customized wires, bars, profiles, and strips. These semi-finished products are also available as spring steel. Weight reduction in combination with design elements made of stainless steel go hand in hand here.

Soft magnetic materials with very good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance ensure your desired result.


Braking systems

Bars and strips in automotive braking systems must work reliably. Proven bars are soft magnetic, corrosion-resistant steels. They are used for plungers in solenoid valves in braking systems and are easy to weld. These materials have good and very uniform magnetic properties. In this way, they also enable the construction of smaller, and thus more cost-effective, systems.

An important steel strip for ABS damper parts is material 1.4568 featuring

  • flawless surface
  • heat resistance

For reed valves made of strip material in braking systems, you can rely on 1.4028Mo. It stands for

  • fatigue bending strength
  • impact resistance
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