Our bars – always one tolerance class better

With our state-of-the-art production facilities on several continents, we produce high precision bars at a high level of competitiveness. Special surfaces, tolerances, straightness and material properties lead to technological leadership and a smooth production process. These benefits are offered in a wide range of diameters and a large variety of materials. Furthermore, the comprehensive stock program of our service centers enables short-term deliveries.


Technical Information

Bar diameters

Ø 0.027 - 1.181 inch (drawn, ground)

Ø 0.629 - 15.748 inch (warm worked, peeled)


Diameter tolerance

h11 – h5 possible

tighter or different tolerances according to customer requirements


Bar lengths

  • depending on the dimensions up to 236.220 inch possible

larger diameters, other bar lengths and tolerances on request



Bars in the automotive industry require special properties and machining. We offer these in a variety of materials with the tightest tolerances.

The bars undergo multiple eddy-current tests and, if required, can also be ultrasonically tested using the latest technology. Steel bars are used in a variety of automotive components.

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