Our steel bars – always one tolerance class better

Superior grinding technology ensures excellent surface quality. We manufacture sophisticated magnetic properties at a constant level. We also manufacture very thin bars with particularly high straightness, also chamfered, in a wide range of materials. In addition to powder metallurgical and conventional tooling steel, our range is rounded off by particularly corrosion- and temperature-resistant nickel, cobalt and titanium alloys.




Bars in the automotive industry require special properties and machining. We offer these in a variety of materials with the tightest tolerances.

The bars undergo multiple eddy-current tests and, if required, they are ultrasonically tested using the latest technology. Steel bars are used in a variety of automotive components.

Technical Information

Bar diameters

Ø 0.027 - 1.181 inch (drawn, ground)

Ø 0.629 - 15.748 inch (warm worked, peeled)


Diameter tolerance

h11 – h5 possible

tighter or different tolerances according to customer requirements


Bar lengths

  • depending on the dimensions up to 236.220 inch possible

larger diameters, other bar lengths and tolerances on request

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