High-performance alloys – nickel, cobalt, titanium

Nickel, cobalt, and titanium in over 30 materials and more than 1,200 tons of material are waiting for your order in our service centers worldwide. High-performance materials are extremely heat and corrosion resistant and do their job even in the most aggressive environments.

In addition to strip, sheet metal, wire, bar, and tube, we also supply forged parts and welding consumables. We can deliver many materials within 48 hours. Fast, competent, versatile.

Nickel/nickel alloys

Pure nickel and nickel alloys are used in the most difficult environments in the chemical process industry. What is needed here are:


  • corrosion-resistant materials with increased wear resistance
  • wear-resistant materials with increased corrosion resistance
  • corrosion-resistant materials with additional good suitability at very high temperatures

We also offer high-temperature-resistant materials with good corrosion resistance under wet-chemical conditions. Some materials are also curable for wet-chemical applications and suitable in the high temperature range.

NameEN DINAISIUNSWireBarProfileSheetStripTube
1.39121.3912 Alloy 36, Invar 36®
2.4669 HX2.4669
Alloy 202.4660N08020
Ergiloy 2.4631 HN2.4631~N07080
Ergiloy 2.4632 HN2.4632N07090
Ergiloy 2.46652.4665Alloy XN06002
Ergiloy 2.4669 / Ergiloy 2.4669 HX2.4668Alloy X-750N07750, N07069
Ergiloy 2.4819 / Ergiloy 2.4819 HX2.4819Alloy C-276N10276Download
HASTELLOY® B-3® alloy2.4600 N10675Download
HASTELLOY® C-2000® alloy2.4675N06200Download
HASTELLOY® C-22® alloy2.4602N06022
HASTELLOY® C-22HS® alloyN07022
HASTELLOY® C-276 alloy2.4819N10276Download
HASTELLOY® C-4 alloy2.4610N06455Download
HASTELLOY® G-35® alloy2.4643N06035
HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® alloy2.4708N10362Download
HAYNES® 214® alloy2.4646N07214
HAYNES® 230® alloy2.4733N06230Download
HAYNES® 242® alloyN10242Download
HAYNES® 282® alloyN07208Download
HAYNES® 556® alloy1.4883R30556
HAYNES® HR-120® alloy 2.4854N08120
HAYNES® HR-160® alloy2.4880N12160
HAYNES® HR-224® alloyDownload
Werkstoff 201 / Ergiloy 2.40682.4068N02201Download
Werkstoff 400 / Ergiloy 2.43602.4360N04400Download
Werkstoff 600 / Ergiloy 2.48162.4816N06600Download
Werkstoff 601 / Ergiloy 2.48512.4851N06601Download
Werkstoff 625 / Ergiloy 2.48562.4856N06625Download
Werkstoff 718 / Ergiloy 2.46682.4668Alloy 718N07718
Werkstoff 800H1.4876N08810Download
Werkstoff 825 / Ergiloy 2.4858 HX2.4858N08825Download
Werkstoff K-5002.4375N05500
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy und Westig sind eingetragene Markenzeichen der Zapp AG.

Cobalt-based alloys

Our special alloys offer maximum strength and wear resistance in combination with very good corrosion resistance and high gloss polishability. CoCr materials are also highly biocompatible.


NameEN DINAISIUNSWireBarProfileSheetStripTube
Alloy 6-BR30016
Ergiloy 9.9035 HG R30188
Ergiloy 9.9135 HL, HNR31537
Ergiloy 9.9229 HW
HAYNES ® 188 alloy2.4683R30188
HAYNES ® 25 alloy / Ergiloy 2.4964 HL2.4964(WL)R30605
ULTIMET® alloy 2.4681 R31233
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy und Westig sind eingetragene Markenzeichen der Zapp AG.

Titanium/titanium alloys

Pure titanium and titanium alloys offer optimized properties. They are highly corrosion resistant and a-magnetic. Compared to pure titanium, titanium alloys have a higher fatigue strength. Pure titanium has a high impact strength and is easy to weld.


NameEN DINAISIUNSWireBarProfileSheetStripTube
Ergitan 3.7055 MG3.7055R50550
Ergitan 3.70653.7065Ti Grade 4R50700
Ergitan 3.7165 MG3.7165R56401
Ergitan 3.7165 MG Medical3.7165R56401
Ergitan 9.9150 MGAISI 244R58150
Ergitan 9.9367 MGR56700
Titan Grade 1 / Ergitan 3.70253.7025R50250Download
Titan Grade 2 / Ergitan 3.70353.7035Ti Grade 2R50400Download
Titan Grade 5R56400Download
Titan Grade 9 / Ergitan 3.7195 MG3.7195Ti Grade 9R56320
Zirconium 702R60702
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy und Westig sind eingetragene Markenzeichen der Zapp AG.
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