Precision strip and foil – reliable material

You secure high reproducibility in your production with our strip material. Choose from a wide range of materials, strengths, dimensions, and surfaces.

We focus on cold forming and thermal treatment with the utmost precision. Our tolerances are tighter than the standard in terms of mechanical, technological, and geometric properties.

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Our precision strip products are made from various materials and in the tightest, repeatable tolerances. The strips are mainly used in critical areas of application, such as connectors, entry sills, deep-drawing sleeves, membranes, leaf valves, rupture disks, turbochargers.

These require certain properties such as:

  • smallest bending radii with homogeneous forming properties
  • high surface requirements
  • highest number of cycles
  • extreme deep-drawing properties

Technical Information

The range of dimensions allows

  • widths of 0.079 to 41.969 inch, and
  • thicknesses of 0.00079 to 0.079 inch.

Combinations of widths and thicknesses by arrangement.

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