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Everyone wants to live a full life. This includes health and mobility. That is why we focus on delivering the best quality wires, bars, profiles, sheets, and strips according to your specification. We are constantly developing ourselves and our semi-finished products. The goal is that people can regain quality of life. That is what drives us.


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Surgical needle wire

Find the ideal wire for making your surgical needles.

What you can expect:

  • narrow strength window
  • tightest diameter tolerances
  • optimal surfaces, high gloss level 
  • homogeneous product properties for reliable production

For you one step ahead in the production process

Save time and effort. We deliver cuts, process and produce components according to your drawings and specifications so that you can focus on the core processes of your production.

Technical information



in rings, on spool carriers
in barrels and on coils
Ø 0.006 – 0.787 inch


in commercial lengths and in special lengths
Ø 0.028 – 3.937 inch


in rings, in bars and on coils
0.012 x 0.012 – 2.56 x 0.25 inch

Flat wire

in barrels and on coils width 0.02 - 0.6 inch thickness 0.004 - 0.157 inch

Precision strip

in rings, on spools, in bar strips and as sheet metal
0.0008 – 0.098 inch


in defined geometries, in blank sheets and customized

Sheets & Plates

in commercial lengths and customized
thickness 0.02 – 6.102 inch


in commercial lenghts and special lengths


metallic, spherical, fine, optimal flowability

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