The Zapp Group is a global company. Every day we strive to find technically innovative and economically viable solutions. Our products and processes are optimized, so that the resources of our nature are protected in the best possible way.

Environmental protection at Zapp

As a company with an increased energy requirement, the Zapp Group sees itself as having a special responsibility to protect the environment. In our entrepreneurial activities and decisions, we consider not only economic efficiency but also the expected environmental impacts. Avoiding waste and unnecessary materials is paramount. If possible, these will be recycled.

Here are some examples of what we do:

  • All emissions that leave our factory, such as exhaust gas, waste water or waste, are subject to internal and external controls.
  • Waste generated is documented in annual waste balances. Monitoring is carried out by means of an electronic waste record management with waste-monitoring system.
  • We are committed to continuously minimizing waste. An example is the constant reduction of waste water. Through new buildings, modernizations and constant process improvements in waste water treatment plants, we were able to reduce waste water ever further. Regular controls by supervisory authorities, water associations and external laboratories ensure comprehensive monitoring to comply with the limit values.
  • Exhaust gas examinations of our exhaust gas flows also confirm that all threshold values ​​are never exceeded.
  • Parts of our factories are located in a water protection zone. For this reason, we have always been obliged to act with particular care when storing water-polluting substances. All parts of the system are located in drip pans and are equipped with leakage probes with a comprehensive fault-reporting system.

Environmental management


Active environmental protection has been practiced at Zapp Precision Metals GmbH for decades. Employees and external parties perform representative functions (e.g., for waste, water protection, pollution control, radiation protection, hazardous goods and more). Our partner here is DEKRA, which takes on the function of our hazardous goods officer as an external institution. The officers are continuously trained in accordance with their function. Zapp Precision Metals GmbH worked on the introduction of an environmental management system very early on. We implement this according to DIN EN ISO 14001.


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