Tubes & Tube Accessories

We supply you with seamless and welded tubes made of nickel alloys and titanium, as well as tube accessories and filler metals.


Our service center, one of the largest for high-performance materials in Europe, offers you an extensive range of materials.

[Translate to Englisch (UK):] Präzisionsrohre aus Stahl oder Titan

Technical Information

Tubes are available in the following designs:

  • seamless
  • welded
  • welded, subsequently drawn


Chemical Process Industry

Choose from a large portfolio of tubes for extreme temperatures or use in the most aggressive environments.

Suitable for: 

  • apparatus construction
  • measurement and test engineering and control engineering
  • pipeline construction

All industry-relevant approvals according to ASTM, AMS, Vd-TÜV material data sheet, and ASME

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