Experience that keeps its edge

Customers comes to us for different reasons. As experts in tool steel, we’re not like most steel companies. We solve problems through decades of experience and hands-on collaboration with tool makers. It takes the right combination of technical support and engineered solutions to deliver results. This is what we provide every step of the way.


Plasticizing Components

Zapp’s Z-Series PM tool steels offer cost effective solutions for plasticizing components in high wear and/or corrosive applications.  New generation engineered resins offer many challenges that can be addressed to improve productivity.  Zapp’s Z-Series PM tool steels offer „Engineered Solutions“ for these challenges.

Your Advantages

Engineered solutions

Zapp Tooling Alloys‘ „Engineered Solutions“ vision is the value proposition we offer to our customers and markets.  It is supported by five components that drive our business.

  • Value Added Customer Service including our responsiveness, professionalism, competence and flexibility in exceeding customer expectations.
  • Delivery Reliability as measured by performance versus our promises to our customers.
  • Inventory availability to ensure not only the breadth of our inventory but also the depth of our inventory is measured to meet the variable demands of our markets.
  • Technical Sales Process/Support to meet the technical requirements of a diverse tooling market.  As specialists in high performance tooling applications, our business requires technical expertise.
  • Innovative Zapp Products to meet not only the current demands in the tooling markets, but rather, address future demands on the horizon.

The Zapp Tooling Alloys Team is focused on continuous improvement within each of these vision components.

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