These steels are particularly suitable for tools used in the fineblanking, stamping, and sintering production processes.

Powder metallurgical steels are used in particular in large series production. Due to their high wear resistance, they require much-less-frequent tool change. This makes them significantly more economical than conventional tooling steel.


Fineblanking and punching tools

When precision cutting and punching metal strips such as austenitic steels, the tools are subject to the highest demands.

Powder metallurgical steel is particularly suitable due to its extremely uniform structure.

Technical information

Powder metallurgical (PM) steel is characterized primarily by the fact that the manufacturing process is different. Powder is compressed in a highly isostatic manner, which results in fewer air pockets. This results in a more uniform steel structure that is more resistant than conventional tooling steel. PM steel has significantly higher edge-holding properties. The cutting tool lasts up to three times longer, so that regrinding takes place much later and your production can run smoothly. Delivery is possible within 24 hours.

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