Your advantage: precision strip and steel foil with exceptional flatness and outstanding surfaces. Extremely thin and strong (hardened) products are available in a thickness of 0.050 mm up to a width of 1,000 mm. Although thinner sizes down to 0.020 mm are also possible at narrower widths. We guarantee strip material with a superior level of reproducibility - from stainless steels, titanium, nickel and other metal grades, as precision strip or foil. Our team of expert engineers enables the production of specific material property profiles. Over 300 years of experience serve to offer you the optimal solution for your application!

Cold forming and thermal treatment with the highest precision is our profession. Advanced rolling and annealing technology enables tighter tolerances in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9445. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about your material needs.

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Technical Information

The range of dimensions allows

  • widths of 2 to 1,066 mm, and
  • thicknesses of 0.020 to 2.0 mm.

Combinations of widths and thicknesses by arrangement.



Our precision strip products are made from various materials and in the tightest, repeatable tolerances. The strips are mainly used in critical areas of application, such as connectors, entry sills, deep-drawing sleeves, membranes, leaf valves, rupture disks, turbochargers.

These require certain properties such as:

  • smallest bending radii with homogeneous forming properties
  • high surface requirements
  • highest number of cycles
  • extreme deep-drawing properties
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