More than steel – for over 300 years

Precision in wire, bar, profile, sheet, and strip. Variety in rolling, drawing, annealing, grinding. Metallic semi-finished products for your individual application, worldwide.

Materials industries about us

Our materials

Comprehensive portfolio including materials such as titanium, stainless steel, steel for special requirements: heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant or wear-resistant steel, spring steel with high strength, tool steel such as high speed steel (HSS) etc.

In our range you will find widely used alloys such as Ti-6Al-4V as well as special grades, including high-temperature materials for the chemical industry.

Semi-finished parts for your application

Our semi-finished products start in the precision area.

Round material, profiles, tubes, sheets, strips, or plates

  • round steel from 0.028 inch to 15.748 inch diameter
  • round wire from 0.006 inch to 0.984 inch diameter
  • flat wire from 0.004 inch to 0.157 inch thickness
  • profiles from 0.00079 inch² to 59.055 inch² cross-section
  • sheets and plates from 0.012 inch to 6.102 inch thickness
  • steel strip and steel foil from 0.00079 inch to 0.079 inch thickness

You can choose from a wide range of dimensions and a wide variety of surface finishes. The wide range of strengths, tight tolerances of our strip steel or steel bars, and the high ductility of our wires are the result of extensive experience in cold forming.


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