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We dedicate our strength to the continuous further development and delivery of the ideal implant and instrument materials. Our portfolio not only includes titanium, CoCr materials, surgical steel; we complete our range of materials with our own developments. So we can offer you the right material for your specific application. Our in-house, nickel-free steel 9.9007CN is our answer to patients with allergies—whether with an artificial hip or a stent after heart surgery! With medical steel and more, Zapp helps people take their lives back in their hands with joy and energy.


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Implant materials

Stainless Steel

Our material portfolio includes implantable stainless steels established on the market. They have high fatigue strength, an excellent degree of slag purity and are biocompatible. We also offer our special material Ergste® 9.9007CN, which is particularly biocompatible due to its lack of nickel. Due to its balanced chemical composition, it combines properties such as excellent corrosion resistance, high static strength and fatigue strength as well as a completely non-magnetic behavior.


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
Ergste 1.4441 LA/ LN Medical18Cr14Ni2.5Mo∼ 316LVMS316735832-1F138, F139Download
Ergste 1.4472 RN MedicalAlloy 734 Rex 734TMS316755832-9F1586
Ergste 9.9007 CN MedicalNickel freeS29225F2581
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy uErgste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG.nd Westig sind eingetragene Markenzeichen der Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile


Semi-finished products made of pure titanium and titanium alloys offer optimized properties. They are corrosion resistant and not magnetic. These materials are highly biocompatible. Due to their lack of nickel, they do not trigger allergies. The elasticity module in titanium comes closest to human bone. Other metallic implant materials do not have this property. In connection with the high fatigue strength, titanium offers an unrivaled high bio-functionality. Compared to pure titanium, titanium alloys have a higher fatigue strength. Pure titanium has a high impact strength and is easy to weld.


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
Ergiloy 9.9367 MG MedicalAlloy Ti6AlNb7R567005832-11F1295
Ergitan 3.7025 MG MedicalGrade 1R502505832-2F67
Ergitan 3.7025 MP MedicalGrade 1 (super pure)R502505832-2F67
Ergitan 3.7035 MG MedicalGrade 2R504005832-2F67
Ergitan 3.7055 MG MedicalGrade 3R505505832-2F67
Ergitan 3.7065 MG MedicalGrade 4R507005832-2F67
Ergitan 3.7165 MG MedicalAlloy Ti6AL4V (ELI)R564015832-3F136
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile

Cobalt-based alloys

The special alloys from Zapp Medical Alloys offer maximum strength and wear resistance in combination with very good corrosion resistance and high-gloss polishability. Cobalt-chrome (CoCr) materials are also highly biocompatible.


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
Ergiloy 2.4964 HL MedicalCo-Cr-W-Ni-Alloy L605® Haynes® 25 AlloyR306055832-5F90
Ergiloy 9.9035 HG MedicalCo-Ni-Cr-Mo-Alloy MP35N®R300355832-6F562Download
Ergiloy 9.9135 HL MedicalCo-Cr-Mo Forging Alloy CoCr28Mo Alloy 1R315375832-12F1537
Ergiloy 9.9135 HNCo-Cr-MoR315375832-12F1537
Ergiloy 9.9229 HWCoCrW22674 Typ 5
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile. * L-605® is a product and registered trademark of SPS Technologies, LLC in the EU.

Instrument materials


Martensitic stainless steels combine high hardness and wear resistance with relatively good toughness. They are resistant to corrosion under atmospheric environmental conditions. They are mainly used for blades and knives in medical applications. 


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
4C27A medical wire420F Mod.Download
Ergste 1.4021 YB Medical13 % Cr420AS420007153-1F899Download
Ergste 1.4028 MO Medical13 % Cr420X (+Mo)S42026F899Download
Ergste 1.4028 YN Medical13 % Cr420BS420007153-1F899Download
Ergste 1.4031 YC/ YE Medical13 % Cr∼ 420XS42000Download
Ergste 1.4034 YK Medical13 % Cr420CS420007153-1F899Download
Ergste 1.4035 YU Medical13 % Cr420C (+S)Download
Ergste 1.4037 YR Medical13 % Cr420S420007153-1Download
Ergste 1.4057 YE/YN Medical17 % Cr∼ 431∼ S43100
Ergste 1.4104 YU Medical17 % Cr430FS43020Download
Ergste 1.4108 MedicalX30CrMoN15-1S42027F899Download
Ergste 1.4112 YE, YL, YA Medical17 % CrDownload
Ergste 1.4122 YA Medical17 % Cr
Ergste 1.4122 YL, YS Medical17 % Cr
Ergste 1.4123 YN Medical17 % Cr X15TN420 ModS42025 S42000F899Download
Ergste 1.4125 YC, YE Medical17 % Cr440CS44004F899
Ergste 1.4197 YU Medical13 % Cr420F mod.F899Download
Ergste 9.9440 YA Medical17 % Cr440AS440027153-1F899Download
Ergste 9.9440 YL Medical17 % Cr440A (+Mo, +V)
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. X15TN is a registered trademark of Aubert Duval. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile

Precipitation-hardenable steel

These special alloys have a high formability in the non-hardened state and can achieve very high hardness and strength through precipitation hardening. They are used for complex formed components with very high demands on strength and corrosion resistance.


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
Ergste 1.4542 GE, GG MedicalAlloy 17-4 PH 630S17400F899Download
Ergste 1.4543 GG MedicalAlloy XM-16 Alloy 455S45500F899Download
Ergste 1.4568 GA MedicalAlloy 17-7 PH631S17700F899Download
Zapp 1RK91 medical wireS46910Download
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile


Austenitic stainless steels are characterized in their annealed condition by their high formability combined with very good corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance can be further increased by adding chromium or molybdenum content. Depending on the nickel content, either higher formability or an a-magnetic material can be achieved. We sometimes find them as implants or connecting elements in our body after surgery.


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
11R51/11R51 HV/ SH medical wire302 Mod.
12R10 HV medical wire302HV, 304VS30400Download
12R10 medical wire302S30200
316 LVM medical wireF138S31673
5R10/2R25 medical wire304/304LS30400, S30403Download
5R62/3R65 medical wire316, 316LS31600, S3160Download
Ergste 1.4301 PA304S304007153-1F899
Ergste 1.4303 SAAustenite AISI 305305S30500
Ergste 1.4305 UA, UBAustenite AISI 303303S30300F899Download
Ergste 1.4306 LAAustenite AISI 304/304L304/304LS30400/S304037153-1Download
Ergste 1.4306 LBAustenite AISI 304L304LS304037153-1
Ergste 1.4310 FBAustenite AISI 302302S30200F899Download
Ergste 1.4310 FDAustenite AISI 301301S301007153-1F899
Ergste 1.4310 FEAustenite AISI 301 17 % Cr 301Download
Ergste 1.4310 FFAustenite 17 % Cr
Ergste 1.4310 FVAustenite AISI 302∼ 302∼ S30200
Ergste 1.4401 PA, SBAustenite AISI 316316S316007153-1F899
Ergste 1.4404 LBAustenite AISI 316L316LS31603
Ergste 1.4571 TAAustenite AISI 316Ti316TiS31635
High-N medical wireF1586S31675Download
Zapp 2205-SW medical wireS32205/S31803Download
Zapp 2205.SH-SW medical wireS32205/S31803Download
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile


Depending on the chromium content, ferritic stainless steels can have excellent corrosion properties. They are used wherever good corrosion properties are required but high demands are not placed on formability. By modifying the chemical composition and the manufacturing process, single- or multi-phase structures with special magnetic or other properties can be adjusted and made to measure for the respective application.


NameTypeAISIUNSISOASTMWire Bar ProfileSheetStripData sheet
Ergste 1.4105 IU MedicalFerrite AISI 430F430FRS430207153-1F899
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy and Westig are registered trademarks of Zapp AG. *W-B-P: Wire Bar Profile
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