Tool steel and tooling alloys

Tool steel for every application

For highly stressed tools in modern tool technology, you can choose between conventional tool steels and PM steel. PM stands for “powder metallurgical”.

Very high performance: PM steel

Selection of conventional tool steels

Information about ASP® steel
Information about CPM steel

cold work steel
hot work steel
high speed steel / HSS steel
plastic mold steel
precision flat steel
Zapp Special Alloys

ASP® and CPM® are registered trademarks of the companies Erasteel, France and Crucible, USA

Practice makes perfect products

Our practical experience supports customers in projects all over the world. Using this experience, we also promote the continuous development of our suppliers.

For a new generation of technology

We are already working intensely today on future themes in many sectors. A new generation of plastics, for example, demands new technologies in plastics processing. These, in turn, demand tooling alloys which meet the new challenges. Other sectors subject to frequent technological generation change are the automobile industry, the food industry, the sinter press industry and metal processing. You can regard us as a premium resource for finding new answers to new questions.