Zapp's Finemac™ Lead Free Material

high performance wire materials

Finemac™ is an environmentally friendly, lead–free, free-cutting wire grade, which combines excellent machining properties with high hardness and good dimensional stability. This free-cutting high-carbon steel wire has been specially developed for high precision machined parts in fine-mechanical applications.


The products are made from our semi-finished product, which is a lead-free alloy that can be easily machined over time in order to be able to manufacture such micromechanical components with a high degree of precision. We supply bars in the dimension 1.0 - 12 mm.

Delivery Forms / Finish

  • Diameter range 1.0 mm to 12 mm
  • Straight wires (bars)
  • drawn / ground
  • lengths 2 or/and 3 meters 
  • chamfered / pointed for OD > 1.6 mm

Time is running out for leaded steel


Switching from leaded steel to lead-free steel is a substitution in accordance with the ambitions of REACH, the EU regulation on chemicals and their safe use, which came into effect in 2007 and becomes mandatory in 2024.

efficient furnace utilization

Importantly, the material offers much shorter hardening times than other lead alloyed grades. As a result, users can obtain more efficient furnace utilization through shorter process times and benefit from lower energy costs per kilo produced.

a preferred material

Finemac™ has all the characteristics of a hardenable, free-cutting high-carbon steel such as 20AP, but with the important and additional benefit of being lead-free. It is ideally suited for producing long narrow components with tight tolerances. Finemac™ also has excellent cold-heading properties.

Positive customer feedback confirms that Finemac™ free-cutting wire is in terms of

  • machinability
  • tool durability and
  • heat treatment

now preferred to other carbon steel free-cutting wire. 


Physical Properties

Cast billets7.8g/cm³.0.28 lb/N³
Cold drawn and tempered 0.20 yum at 22^C
Thermal expansion 1)
Temperature.^C 30-100 30-200 30-300 100-200 200-300
Cold drawn and tempered 11 12 13 12.5 14.5

Chemical composition


Swisstech Convention Center Lausanne, Switzerland

Meet us at the Swisstech Convention Center Lausanne to learn more about Finemac dedicated to fine mechanical watch components and further high sophisticated grades within our material portfolio.


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