Information for parents

Your child is about to graduate from school, a major milestone will have been achieved. Now is the decision on how to proceed. As parents, you play an important role as a consultant and motivator. Perhaps it was a while ago that you completed your own training, so you are looking for fresh input to support your child with this decision.

Technical Training

You notice in your child that they have a lot of fun with science subjects and numbers, and that they may even have attended a technology class. Your child will enjoy building and testing their own solutions. Perhaps they are also very skilled with tools and are interested in modern technology. Repairs on the bike or at home are done by yourself. Then you can get more information under the heading "Technical Training".


Commercial Training

Your child is interested in languages ​​and learns them quickly. They enjoy communicating and being around their friends and classmates. It can adapt quickly to new circumstances and react flexibly. Your child has a great interest in new cultures and likes to get to know them during stays abroad. If these points apply to your child, please take a look at the job of industrial clerks EU under the job descriptions.


IT Training

Your child will help with any computer or Internet problem. It has a high affinity for computer science, is mathematically and technically gifted and does not shy away from tricky problems. It works out suitable solutions independently and quickly. If you find your child in the description, take a look at the job advertisements for IT apprenticeships.


Dual courses of study

If your child has at least the advanced technical college entrance qualification and would like to do more than one training, then dual courses would be the right choice. In particular, if your child, for example, acquires learning material very quickly and independently, enjoys learning and is very motivated. We offer dual study programs for the subjects described above, which you can find under the respective job advertisements.


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