Surfaces of stainless steel strip

Design through surface treatment

The design of stainless steel strip is playing an increasingly important role. Zapp Precision Metals GmbH is addressing this trend and, in collaboration with its customers, is developing a wide range of very varied designs, suitable both for decorative and functional applications. Ergste Westig possesses the technological facilities to produce a broad range of designs.

The surfaces produced according to customer specification can be used for electronic devices, such as cellphones, MP3 players and digital cameras, as well as for all other applications requiring an unusual design or a special surface treatment. The market constantly demands new variations. To meet these demands, we also make use of our customers’ ideas.

In order to protect the decorative steel surfaces, our stainless steel strip can also be delivered with paper interleaving and/or special shrink-wrapping or purely protective film.

Request for surface design sample catalog

Unfortunately, the photos below cannot reproduce the individual surface structures exactly as they appear naturally. If you are interested, please order our surface design sample catalog.

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Stainless steel design: BrightFinish

The classic bright, shiny surface obtained by transferring the structure of the ground micro section on to the surface of the strip by rolling. This quality can be supplied in various roughness grades.

Stainless steel design: CrystalFinish

A steel strip treatment giving a smooth, non-directional, crystalline surface structure.

Stainless steel design: SatinFinish

Very fine, uniform, non-directional structure with a matt, very smooth, satin-like appearance.

Stainless steel design: BrushFinish

A strip surface with an evenly brushed structure and a pronounced directional appearance.

Stainless steel design: MirrorFinish

A reflective, high-gloss stainless steel strip surface, also available with special characteristics, suitable for subsequent polishing processes.

Stainless steel design: HairlineFinish

A precision strip surface treatment producing a continuous linear structure.

Stainless steel design: ColorPlus

Very durable coated strip surface in the color of your choice, suitable for subsequent processing steps and exhibiting high resistance to scratching and abrasion. Each surface can also be supplied in ColorPlus with the same or different colors on both sides.

Stainless steel design: YourDesign

Individual stamping of patterns, motifs, lettering or logos in the strip surface of your choice.