Zapp GroupZapp Group


“A competitive advantage for the customer – in everything we do.”

Progress ensures the future

  • For us, progress means always serving the interests of our customers, suppliers and employees better.
  • We want to continue to develop as an independent company through our own efforts.

Innovations guarantee success

  • We work intensively on the development of new products, materials, processes and services for existing and new areas of application.
  • Our business strategy is oriented on long-term collaboration with our business customers.
  • We want to apply our strength for innovation to make a contribution to the preservation and the improvement of industry, society and our natural environment.

Being a competitive advantage for our customers

  • It is our aim to ensure that every customer gains a competitive advantage by working with us. Customer benefit and service in all areas of the company are our first priority.
  • In everything we do, we see ourselves as a reliable, competent, flexible and innovative partner for the solution of our customers’ problems.
  • We aim at high delivery reliability, optimum quality for the purposes of our customers and reasonable pricing of our products and services.

Entrepreneurial thinking and activity of all our employees

  • Our employees are highly qualified and work on their own initiative with a sense of responsibility and duty.
  • Every worker has the creative freedom they need and are expected to use it imaginatively to achieve our objectives.
  • Our management style is cooperative and supports our employees in the performance of their work.
  • We cultivate communication without prejudice between departments, establishments, countries and cultures.

Market-led organization

  • In a constantly changing world, the continuous further development of our organization and management systems is a competitive factor. That is why we value employees who are open to new things, are ready to take risks and are capable of learning and compromising.
  • We believe in the success of teamwork in coherently designed and process-related business procedures. Our employees complement each other in their skills. They are committed to shared aims and take responsibility for each other.
  • Continual improvement and orientation to quality standards are the duties of every individual and are essential to our organizational development. Our motto: There is always room for improvement!