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Sven Bergmann - Einsatz im Ausland

Sven Bergmann Talks about his New Job in the USA

Before I even finished my training, I was given the chance to spend two weeks with colleagues at Zapp Tooling Alloys, Inc. (ZTA) in Summerville, South Carolina, providing them with SAP support. This was to be followed by a further stay before my final exams in May 2010. After successfully passing my exams and being taken on in the Tooling Alloys export department in August 2010, things moved very quickly. I can’t say with any certainty exactly when I was asked the question of whether I could see myself spending a prolonged period in the USA, but I do remember my answer: “Sure!” – “Employment to commence 01 February 2011, Mr. Bergmann. Please sign here.”

This was the precise moment that my life turned completely upside down. As well as having to give notice on my apartment in Germany, store my furniture with my parents, sell my beloved car and apply for a visa in Frankfurt, plus various other odds and ends, I also had to look for accommodation in the United States. At this point, I would like to thank my family who sustained me so wonderfully through this exciting time, who calmed my nerves and gave me their support. An equally big “thank you” goes to my colleagues in Ratingen and Summerville for their help and encouragement, and above all for giving me the opportunity to live and work in the USA.

The mere fact that Charleston lies on the East Coast, is packed with history and is blessed with an impressive old town means that so far I haven’t once regretted my decision. Charleston is also known far beyond the state borders for its bars, beaches, recreational opportunities and open-minded inhabitants. I have got to know why this is so on long evenings spent with friends and colleagues. What particularly fascinates me is the positive way in which people face their problems here. Whereas in Germany, gloom and doom mostly determine how we approach things, in America there always seems to be a way out, or at least someone who knows the way out. The reality that there may not always be a way out seems clear given the current situation in America, yet the ability to always stay upbeat, even in times of crisis, is remarkable and definitely a good lesson for my future life.

One of my tasks during my one year stay in Summerville is to support the Inside Sales Team led by Julie Stevens, from customer enquires through to invoicing. A second is that I record and track all supplier orders, plus commodity and machining contracts. Another part of my work at ZTA is stock management within the system itself and providing support to the warehouse and the Inside Sales Team with any issues that may arise with SAP.

Sven Bergmann (ZTA, USA)