Zapp group



The first (very brief) mission statement of the Zapp Group dates back to 1730. With the statement, “Inspired by tradition to pursue new horizons,” Engelberth Zapp Sr. described the position and philosophy of his crafts enterprise, at that time in Ründeroth on the River Leppe – and thus gave a direction that is in its core still part of the Zapp company today.

However, times are changing. Accordingly, the self-image and environment of the company and its more than 1,000 employees have changed and evolved as well. For decades there has been a modern corporate philosophy at and for Zapp, last revised in 2002. But since then, the conditions and business positioning in an increasingly globally operating Zapp Group have changed a lot. These include, for example, new production systems, digitization of manufacturing processes (industry 4.0), Generation Y, quality initiatives within the company, and needs of customers and other external partners. So it seemed appropriate to pursue these new horizons and adapt the “old” Values and Beliefs to “modern times.”

Since the 2014 financial year, these new Values and Beliefs have been in place at Zapp. In a broad discussion process involving both executives and employees, the statements of the previous general guidelines were revised little by little and updated accordingly. The Values and Beliefs still manifest the company's purpose, its core values, and the corporate culture – in short, the self-image of the company both internally and externally. They provide executives and employees with a reliable framework for their daily activities and direction on how decisions are made at the company, aiming at promoting sustainable employee motivation and respectful interaction with each other. But the Values and Beliefs are also intended to support a positive perception by the public – by customers, business partners, and future employees.


To ensure that the approach and goals of the framework document are not reflected in pleasantly formulated but ultimately not binding writings, the overall concept of the new Values and Beliefs is relatively concrete and practical, implying three orientation levels that are subdivided in different ways and also interrelated with each other:

_The Group Values and Beliefs;

_The Management Values and Beliefs;

_The Employee Values and Beliefs.

When adding and merging all core and individual statements of these individual Values and Beliefs, the general mission statement of the Zapp Group is intended to represent all of the following:

_We have a value-oriented management culture.

_We enable our employees to see their work as meaningful and themselves as significant.

_We provide an orientation of daily actions for executives and employees in times of increased complexity and more individual responsibility.

_We are guided by the corporate strategy and the objectives derived from that strategy.

In the coming months and years, we will be focusing not only on the preservation and animation of the contents and goals of the individual Values and Beliefs, but also on their interaction in the Zapp company. That’s what we are working on!