The standard we set for our production

"Faultless quality does not invent itself."

Often enough, Zapp precision products and Zapp high-performance materials are pushed to the limits of what is technically feasible in their applications. That is only possible because of the outstanding product quality. For each production batch at Zapp, there are precisely defined production and testing specifications: from inbound goods, through the production and to on time delivery. For more than 40,000 products, quality standards are documented for the production sequences in order to achieve the customer-specific material properties.

Each individual step is assured by accompanying checks and tests. In our own testing laboratories, we carry out chemical metal analyses, technical tests and microscopic examinations of fine material structures down to the ┬Ám range.

Quality starts as an idea:
"Wouldn't it be better if ...?"

For quality production, highly-qualified employees are essential. The whole culture of our company embodies the insistence on and promotion of commitment and individual responsibility. Firstly, we use all resources for the continuous improvement of our own production quality, through consistent employee support and cooperation with universities, colleges and institutes. Equally important, on the other hand, is the quality assurance of technology trends and their specific requirements for new applications, for example. Joint projects help both of us to cast light on our expectations and possibilities from many different perspectives, so that they can then be precisely defined. The more intensive they are, the greater the value of such discussions. In this way, mistakes can be avoided before they happen. Perhaps not all, but errors in reasoning at least.

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