High-quality carbon steel

Tailor-made products for special applications with a special chemical composition, these usually have a martensitic microstructure.

They are characterized by the following properties:

  • high hardness
  • wear resistance
  • excellent toughness

Carbon steel

The carbon steel used at Zapp is used particularly in automotive applications and is characterized by excellent hardenability of customer-related parts. In addition, we have the option of galvanizing flat wires and coating them with powder, which will later be used as spring rails in windshield wipers.

Carbon steel

NameEN DINAISIUNSWireBarProfileSheetStripTube
20AP medical wire
Ergste 1.06111.0611G10640
Ergste 1.06131.0613G10690
Ergste 1.0617 QC1.0617G10740
Ergste 1.07151.0715~ G12130
Ergste 1.22431.2243~G92590, ~H92590
Westig 1.0759 EA~1.0759~ G10650 +S +Pb +SiDownload
Westig 1.1268 EA~1.1268
Westig 1.1274 QA1.12741095G1095
Westig 1.2018 EA1.2018
Westig 1.2067 EX1.206752100T61203
Westig 1.2833 EB1.2833~ AISI W2~T72302Download
Zapp CS9A-SW
Ergste, Ergitan, Ergiloy und Westig sind eingetragene Markenzeichen der Zapp AG.
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