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Euro-Titan merger with RZW

Euro-Titan Handels GmbH merged with Robert Zapp Werkstofftechnik GmbH in Ratingen.

Euro-Titan Handels GmbH, which was acquired in late 2008 by the Zapp Group, merged with Robert Zapp Werkstofftechnik GmbH (RZW) in Ratingen on 01 April 2012 to form a single company. Both constituent ventures have been engaged in an essentially similar line of business and have been operating from the same site for some time now.

In recognition of this fact, the Board of Directors took the decision to formally combine operations, with the result that Euro-Titan Handels GmbH will in future also trade under the name of Robert Zapp Werkstofftechnik GmbH. For our customers, nothing will change – they will continue to enjoy the accustomed high standard of service and benefit from the premium product range which is composed mainly of titanium materials.